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Brake Shoe

Sparegrow envisions to be the global leader in the manufacturing of Brake Shoes. We are committed to be technologically advance and hence will be keeping a close eye on global standards and collaborations across globe for improving the products.  We have developed the product to provide strong, better performance and best control for rider’s safety guarantees ultimate braking experience.

Offerings: 1. Non-Asbestos, 2. Asbestos
Application: 2-wheeler
Brands: Hero, Honda, Bajaj, TVS, Yamaha, Royal Enfield, Suzuki

Why Sparegrow Brakes Shoes?

Key strengths:

High-performance and hard wearing brake shoes

  • This calls for products of exceptional quality and durability such as Sparegrow brake shoes. Loss of friction can reduce the reliability of a brake shoe. This doesn’t occur with Sparegrow brake shoes.
  • Sparegrow brake shoes are an environmentally- friendly option. They contain no asbestos material which makes them clean and high-performing.
  • The brake shoes are coated with a premium material that protects them from rust and improves their durability. It means they can be used in a variety of conditions without the danger of corrosion.
  • Made from premium raw materials and a strict brake shoe manufacturing process, the assurance of braking power you get from Sparegrow brake shoe manufacturer products is high.

Brake Shoe Bonding

 The ball pins are precision-finished, and the rubber boot is uniquely designed to offer reliability and enhanced retention of grease.

Efficient Stoppage

This design makes spregrow brake shoes reliable to offer efficient stoppage in any automotive and also makes our products have a longer lifespan.

High Performance

Precision machining produces an excellent contact with the drum and further improves performance.

We guarantee you every Sparegrow Brake Shoe has passed a series of strict tests: