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Clutch Plate

Sparegrow envision to be a global leader in the manufacturing of clutch plates and shoes. We are committed to leverage state-of the art technology and comply to global standards by constantly innovating.

  • A Leading player in automotive Clutch Plates, Sparegrow commits to making quality products competing OEM standards.
  • The clutch is the component in the engine that engages and disengages power from the engine to the transmission in order to change gears.
  • The clutch allows us to smoothly engage the spinning, running engine to the non-spinning transmission, which turns the wheels.
  • Thus, the function of the clutch is to change the speed of the motorcycle or bring it to a halt without switching off the engine.

Application: 2-wheeler
Brand: Hero, Honda, Bajaj, TVS, Yamaha, Royal Enfield, Suzuki


Why Sparegrow Clutch Plates

All Sparegrow Clutch Plates are designed to be :

Low Wear and Tear

High endurance

oil soaked

more heat resistance