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Disc Brake Pad

Sparegrow has developed the product leveraging best in class technology and proven performance tested ready to use brake pads. Sparegrow understands the significance of balance and performance, hence our disc pads are suited for providing minimum wear and tear and better longevity of vehicles.

  • Quality brake pads are necessary for an efficient braking system.  Sparegrow supplies the best performance brake pads for reliable stopping power.
  • To ensure this, we use premium materials and precision engineering techniques in all our production processes. Sparegrow brake pad supplier also ensure the brake pads are fully tested for different environments and specific automotive applications.

Application: 2-wheeler
Brand: Hero, Honda, Bajaj, TVS, Yamaha, Royal Enfield, Suzuki


Why Sparegrow Disc Brake Pads?

  • All Sparegrow disc pads are passed through rigorous testing and quality control procedures to ensure the right friction coefficient. We select our materials carefully so that each brake pad suitsits particular application. Because they are made to strict OE standards, Sparegrow disc pads are high-performance products that assure you of reliable braking power that doesn’t fade.
  • We are a reliable disc pads supplier in India with the ability to handle bulk orders. With our high production capacity, our turn around time and order processing for brake pads is fast.

Every disc pad from Sparegrow is designed to offer consistent braking all through its life.

The process results in pads that wear evenly and offer assured friction all the time. For effective bed-in, Sparegrow ceramic disc pads are scorched to remove impurities. This enhances friction and improves the performance of the pads.

High safety standards

 We ensure our products  conform to high safety standards.

Asbestos Free

For that, we make our brake pads from 100% asbestos-free formulas.

Copper Free

The pads are also copper-free which means they don’t produce copper dust and pose a danger to the environment.

We guarantee you every Sparegrow Disc pad has passed a series of strict tests: